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3 december 19:00Animech, Ekeby Bruk 4J, 752 63 Uppsala

Welcome to Animech 3/12!

Interactive real-time 3D is the unrivalled way to engage, educate and empower people to make smart decisions.
Animech delivers state of the art 3D applications based on our products, digitalizing the complete sales and aftersales process using the latest technologies available.This meetup we are taking a closer look at AR/VR on the web.

Our host for this event is Animech at their office in Ekeby.
Animech will also offer food and beverages

  • Date: 3/12-19
  • Time: 19:00 - 21.00
  • Place: Animech, Ekeby Bruk 4J, 752 63 Uppsala
  • Language: English
  • Last day to sign up: 28/11-19
  • Policy for signing up: You have to be a member at DataTjej and identify as a woman or non-binary. It's free and simple to become a member: http://datatjej.se/blidatatjej

DataTjej has a strict policy when it comes to signing up for an event. If you sign up and fail to show up without letting us know earlier than 24 hours before the event that can affect your possibility to participate in the conference and future events.

I want to register

About DataTjej

DataTjej is a Swedish non-profit organization who works to promote and unite women and non-binary who are interested in IT and data.
We work to better the relation between students, companies and between DataTjej members. During the year we arrange different events, for example inspiring lectures and businessevents. 

DataTjej is most known for their yearly conference where companies and members get the opportunity to network. It's both free and simple to become a member: datatjej.se/blidatajej 

About Animech

We just love technology and visualization. And we really enjoy the challenge of translating customer needs to working products, using new techniques to constantly push the limit for what is possible in the digital landscape. 

We push ourselves as well as our clients to see new outcomes, solutions and results in their specialized field to create intelligent visualization tools for the future. 

Animech combines engineering expertise and design excellence to create world leading visualization tools. Whether it be CPQ, interactive manuals or end customer product configuration, we deliver solutions that increase sales, decrease delivery times and boost customer satisfaction. 

Simply put; we empower people to make smart decisions through intelligent visualization. Our clients are found all over the world and work with everything from architecture and interior design to industrial machinery and life science instrumentation. What they have in common is the complex product offering that is hard to grasp without smart visualization.

Read more about Animech here: https://animech.com/ 

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